Renting An Apartment vs. Renting A House in Kentuckiana

So, you’re looking for a place to rent in Kentuckiana? As you’ve already seen… there are a lot of options in the Kentuckiana area for housing. All the way from apartments in Kentuckiana to rental houses in Kentuckiana… condos… mobile homes, and more. But if you’re struggling to decide if you want to rent an … Continued

4 Situations Where Hard Money Loans Are Ideal

If you’re a real estate investor you need to know about hard money loans because they can help you invest! As a service to investors, here are 4 situations where hard money loans are ideal. Real estate investors know: it can sometimes take money to make money! In other words, if you want to acquire … Continued

Are Kentuckiana Rent-to-Own Homes a Scam?

If you’ve spent time driving around Kentuckiana KY or browsing Craigslist or other sites, you may have seen advertisements that read, “Own a home for $500/month. No credit check!” While it seems too good to be true, local rent-to-own homes are a viable option that many Kentuckiana residents are taking advantage of. But… Are Kentuckiana Rent-to-Own Homes a … Continued

4 Costs Associated With Rental Property in Kentuckiana

If you’re thinking about investing in rental property, you’re probably doing your due diligence to make sure it’s right for you. Likely, one step in that due diligence is figuring out what expenses you’ll pay. Smart! To help you, we’ve created this list of 4 costs associated with rental property in Kentuckiana… When it comes … Continued

How to find good investment property in Kentuckiana

Lots of investors are looking to get started, and as active real estate experts in Kentuckiana IN and KY, we get asked to share our secrets quite a bit. Fortunately, we love to share 🙂 One of the biggest questions we get from local investors is ” How to find good investment property in Kentuckiana IN and … Continued